Marble Manor

Fitment applicators

Marble Manor designs applicators for different types of fitments. This includes applicators for spouts, caps, valves or connectors applied to plasic flexable bags or pouches.

Our applicators heat seal the fitments to the plastic bag material and may produce:

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  1. pierced holes through the fitments which remove no material

  2. they may have punched holes which remove material and may or may not allow the fitment to protrude thru the bag material

  3. the fitment may be attached to the bag with the hole being pierced through the bag at time of usage

    Our Applicators will adapt to F/F/S machines (Form, Fill, and Seal Machines), bag or pouch making machines, either horizontal or vertical machines. No need to purchace a new machine, simply update your existing machine with a Marble Manor Applicator. Or we will gladly adapt a new Marble Manor Fitment Applicator to any new bag making machine of your choice.

We will design and manufacture applicators for you fitment ideas!!


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