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To produce the freshest coffee possible, oxygen must be kept away from your fresh roasted coffee. The most economical way to prevent the deterioration of the coffee is to package the product as soon after roasting as possible, in an inert atmosphere.

The problem with immediate packaging of fresh roasted coffee is the out-gassing that occurs after roasting. Out-gassing can blow a package apart unless the package is relieved as the gas is released from the beans. If the coffee is not packed until the out-gassing stops, then the coffee is starting to get stale.

Whole roasted coffee beans can out-gas for 72 hours, some beans even up to 140 hours. This makes air tight packaging impractical for fresh roasted coffee beans, unless a relief valve is added to the package. The various commercially available valves used by the Marble Manor valve applicators will allow venting of the pressure within a coffee package while preventing oxygen from re-entering the package.

Vacuum packing fresh roasted whole bean.
Marble Manor makes valve applicators for automatic form and fill machines and for the coffee company that uses pre-made bags. The VA300 series valve applicators will allow you to use standard pre-made bags and add valves when desired.

The VA300 series make sense since they reduce inventory requirements, allows maximum flexibility and is the logical step before Investing in a fully automatic form and fill machine.

When you do invest in a fully automatic machine, remember Marble Manor. We can equip your horizontal or vertical form and fill machines with valve applicators. Our VA100 Series Valve Applicators apply valve from above the film while our VA200 Series Valve Applicators apply from below the film. All of our various valve applicators heat seal and vent the film in the same station eliminating set-up difficulties when changing package size.

Heat sealed low pressure freshness relief valves (fitments)
Marble Manor specializes in heat sealed low pressure relief valves tested and ready to use by the coffee industry and other industries with products that produce gas. The object of the valves is to protect the product from oxygen and/or moisture.

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