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Marble Manor Overview

Marble Manor has manufactured valve applicators for companies worldwide,
countries include Argentina, Israel, and Russia

What makes Marble Manor different from other companies is the fact that
our valve applicators are:

1) Completely turn-key i.e., includes mounting brackets and is easy to be mounted

2) Our complete assemblies are pre-tested

3) We will supply an optional vibratory hopper (which supplies valves to the vibratory bowl, which
in turn supplies valves to the track). Most other companies do not offer the hopper

4) We offer installation and training for your people

5) We build a reliable, high quality unit recognized by all the major worldwide valve manufacturers
such as Fres-co, ICA, Pacific Bag, PPI, SIG and WIPF.

6) Marble Manor is the only company which customizes our turn key valve applicators
to fit your particular machine

7) Also with each unit, we supply a complete Parts and Service Manual specifically designed
around your valve applicator and its mounting to your vertical form and fill machine

8) We are happy to report many customers have multiple units

We can supply samples for your review prior to an order being placed. If you supply clean empty bags we
will add the valve of your choice to the sample bags. If no bags are available, we will seal valves on samples
of your film. In either case, we can advise the operating time needed to properly seal valves to the film you
are using.

Marble Manor started in 1972 as a tool development company and has been building valve applicators since 1988.

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