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Automatic Valve Applicators

VA100 and VA200 series valve applicators are designed for easy set-up, quick start up, controllability, when changing film materials or package size, and low maintenance, high reliability, long life production machines.

VA 100 Applicator

VA100 series valve applicators are designed for vertical form fill and seal flexible packaging machines(V/F/F/S Machines). The VA100 applies the valve from above the film as the film proceeds towards the forming collar. The applicator heat seals the valves and produces the vent hole at the same location, thereby eliminating the need for time consuming indexing when changing bag or pouch lengths.

VA 200 Applicator

VA200 series valve applicators are designed for horizontal form, fill and seal machines and bag making machines, ThenVA200 may be adapted to vertical form and fill machines. The valves are applied with the inside of the film moving horizontally with the sealing surface down. The valve is brought up from below the film. As with the VA100 sealing and the vent hole is produced at the same location.

Installation of the VA100 of VA200 series is simple. Each unit is designed to fit your form and fill machine requiring no complex field alterations or modifications. Mounting plates, machine widths, and control systems are tailored to your needs. Assembly instructions are included in the comprehensive parts and service manual which is of your applicator, not just a similar constructed machine. Each valve applicator is shipped completely tested, and with minimal disassembly for ease of installation.

Add a Marble Manor automatic valve applicator to your existing form, fill and seal machine or have a valve applicator installed on any new form, fill and seal machine of your choice.

Installation and training is available.

Adapted to new and existing packaging machines

This easily maintained and adjustable valve applicator can be customized to fit new or existing form and fill packaging machines. Parent machine widths and mounting points may be tailored to individual applications.


The operation is simple yet efficient and easy to maintain. Movements within the valve applicator are supported by linear ball bearings and air cylinders.

Easy valve positioning

One step applicator positioning reduces setup time. The entire valve applicator will position side to side with a single adjustment. Valve axial is varied by a take up roll on the parent machine

Sequencing from the parent machine

Being controlled by the parent machines allows for efficient operation, quick setup and easy conversion from one size bag to another. Optional valve sequencing is available if the parent machine lacks
sufficient auxiliary functions.

Valve supply system

The valves are supplied to the applicator by a vibratory feeder. Additional valve reserve is available through the use of an optional feed hopper. The vibratory feed system may be mounted to either side of the parent machine.

Stainless steel - anodized aluminum structures

Nylon bushings, teflon insulators, stainless steel linear bearings, and stainless steel fasteners are used to ensure compatibility with food processing equipment.

Safety is number one

Transparent shields are positioned to allow observation and protection during operations.


Valve applicator has a one year warranty against original defects in material and workmanship.

Quality is not an accident

It is the result of practical engineering and comprehensive manufacturing practices
which insure a reliable product.

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